Henk Neven – Love the Voice of This Deep Dutch Baritone

After reading a rave review in Fanfare, I had to hear the new recital disk by Dutch baritone Henk Neven, singing songs by Carl Loewe and Robert Schumann accompanied by pianist Hans Eijsackers.  It's an import on the Onyx label.  I'm glad I took the trouble to order it, because this is one spectacular recording.

To begin with, Neven has an absolutely, positively gorgeous deep baritone voice, which he handles with sensitivity and agility to produce a warmly compelling sound.  He also seems very sensitive to the words he is singing, and has a close collaboration with his excellent pianist.  The recording presents a warm soundstage, enough reverberation but plenty of focus so that nothing is blurred or lost.  The booklet, a model of its kind, includes a brief introduction by Mr. Neven, fine notes about the music by Carenza Hugh-Jones, and German texts with English translations.  The cover features a nicely posed photo of Mr. Neven, who looks like a friendly sort of fellow.  The entire thing is a high-class production, and will surely win friends for Loewe, Schumann, and these terrific performers.

Worth seeking out and playing repeatedly!

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