New York Philharmonic Summertime Classics – 2013 Edition

This afternoon the New York Philharmonic winds up the unfortunately abbreviated Summertime Classics series directed by Bramwell Tovey, with a repeat of last night’s spectacular program, “The Planets – An HD Odyssey.”  This was the second of two programs for this year’s series.  The first, presented on July 3 & 4, was the annual “Star-Spangled Celebration.”  The second program was performed on July 5, 6 and is repeated this afternoon, the 7th.  Thus, the entire … <Read More>

NY Philharmonic: Out With a Bang and a Shriek

The New York Philharmonic ended its regular subscription season last night with the last of three performances of a show conceived by Doug Fitch (Director/Designer), using music mainly by Igor Stravinsky to accompany a production titled “A Dancer’s Dream.”  Several rows of seats were removed from the front of the orchestra section to accommodate an extended stage, where dancers and various technical assistants would use lighting, cameras, costumes, miniature toys projected on a big screen, … <Read More>