NY Court of Appeals Rejects Constitutional Challenge to Adult Establishment Zoning Regulations in NYC

Bringing possible finality to a lawsuit that has been bouncing back and forth between the Supreme Court, the Appellate Division, and the Court of Appeals for the past fifteen years, the New York Court of Appeals ruled unanimously on June 6 that 2001 amendments to the City’s zoning ordinance governing “adult establishments” do not violate the constitutional rights of businesses that provide sexually explicit materials or activities. Judge Eugene M. Fahey wrote the opinion joined … <Read More>

NY Appellate Division Panel Declares Amended NYC Adult Zoning Ordinance Unconstitutional

Adding another chapter to the long-running two-decade litigation saga of New York City’s controversial adult uses zoning ordinance, a 5-judge panel of the New York Appellate Division, 1st Department, based in Manhattan, ruled  by a 3-2 vote on July 21, 2015, that the 2001 Amendments to the regulation governing location of adult eating and drinking establishments and adult video and book stores unconstitutionally abridge freedom of speech protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. … <Read More>