Kentucky Supreme Court Avoids Ruling on Clash Between Free Speech and Anti-Discrimination Law in T-Shirt Case

In a case that drew 26 amicus briefs – an unusually high number for an argument in a Midwestern state high court, the Kentucky Supreme Court found an off-ramp from having to decide whether a small business that produces custom t-shirts has a right to refuse an order to print a shirt with whose message the business owner disagrees in Lexington-Fayetteville Urban County Human Rights Commission v. Hands on Originals, 2019 Ky. LEXIS 431, … <Read More>

Kentucky Appeals Court Rejects Public Accommodations Discrimination Claim by Gay Organization

The Kentucky Court of Appeals split three ways in a May 12 ruling on a discrimination claim by the Lexington Gay and Lesbian Services Organization (GLSO), whose order for Pride Festival t-shirts was rejected by a local business called “Hands On Originals” (HOO) that specializes in producing customized t-shirts, mugs, pens and other accessories. Chief Judge Joy A. Kramer found that the denial of services did not constitute sexual orientation discrimination, while Judge Debra Hembree … <Read More>