Iowa Supreme Court Bars Wrongful Imprisonment Suit by HIV-Positive Man Whose Conviction Was Vacated by That Court


In an unfortunate turnabout, the Iowa Supreme Court unanimously ruled on April 15 that Nick Rhoades, whose guilty-plea conviction to one count of criminal transmission of HIV was reversed by that court in 2014, could not bring an action for damages against the state under its Wrongful Imprisonment Statute because the statute does not allow claims by those who pled guilty. Rhoades v. State of Iowa, 2016 WL 1533519, 2016 Iowa Sup. LEXIS 47.  … <Read More>

Florida Appellate Courts Disagree About Whether “Sexual Intercourse” Includes Gay Sex

Does “sexual intercourse,” as the term is used in Florida Stat. 384.24(2) and 384.34(5), include anal or oral intercourse between men?  The sections in question make it a crime for a person who knows he is infected with HIV to engage in “sexual intercourse” with another person without disclosing this fact.  The 2nd and 5th Florida District Courts of Appeal disagree, and the 5th District has certified the question to the Florida Supreme Court to
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