Compassionate Use Act and Disability Discrimination Laws Do Not Shield HIV-Positive Marijuana User from Discharge

Judge William P. Johnson of the U.S. District Court in New Mexico ruled on January 7 that a man living with HIV who is using medical marijuana under New Mexico’s Compassionate Use Statute could not contest his discharge under his employer’s drug use policy, finding that the employer was not required to accommodate the man’s disability by waiving its requirement that its employees refrain from using marijuana. Garcia v. Tractor Supply Company, 2016 WL … <Read More>

New Mexico Supreme Court Rules Against Wedding Photographer in Sexual Orientation Discrimination Case

The New Mexico Supreme Court unanimously ruled on August 22 that a wedding photography business violated the New Mexico Human Rights Act by refusing service to a lesbian couple for their same-sex commitment ceremony.  The court held that the photography business owners’ religious and free speech rights were not unconstitutionally violated by this result.  The case is Elane Photography v. Willock.

 The case arose when Vanessa Willock contacted Elane Photography LLC by email to inquire

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