Don’t Do This Home Alone in Kansas! Court Holds Sperm Donor Liable for Child Support

A man who responded to a Craigslist ad placed by a lesbian couple in Kansas seeking a sperm donor to help them have a child is considered the legal father of the child, ruled a Kansas judge on January 22, because he provided his sperm directly to the couple in a sample cup rather than submitting it to them through a doctor. The court found unenforceable a document that the man and the couple had … <Read More>

Nevada Supreme Court Answers Questions of First Impression in Lesbian Custody Dispute Involving Donor Insemination and Co-Parenting Agreement

The Nevada Supreme Court ruled unanimously on October 3 that a child can have two mothers and that a co-parenting agreement made by two women before their child was conceived through anonymous donor insemination with one woman providing the egg and the other being the gestational mother, can be enforceable as an agreement by parents who are presumed to have the best interest of their child at heart.   Reversing a trial court decision that treated … <Read More>