Jo Becker’s “Forcing the Spring: Inside the Fight for Marriage Equality”

Jo Becker’s book about the Proposition 8 lawsuit that restored same-sex marriage to California was released this week to near-unanimous condemnation from gay bloggers and critics. I am providing a partial dissent here, having just finished reading the book. I think at least some of the criticism misses the mark, because it faults the book for not being the book that the bloggers and critics wanted.

Part of the fault belongs with Becker and her … <Read More>

A Fascinating Read – The Story of Naxos, by Nicolas Soames

I've been a fan of the Naxos classical music label since early in its history, and I usually acquire many of their new releases each month at the one remaining decently-sized classical brick and mortar outlet in NYC, J&R on Park Row.  When I saw a review of this new book in a British record magazine, I had to get my hands on it, and ordered from  (I don't know whether it is available from … <Read More>