Herrick Loses 2nd Circuit Appeal in Grindr Cyberharassment Case

A unanimous three-judge panel of the New York-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit issued a ruling on March 27 stating total agreement with District Judge Valerie Caproni’s earlier ruling in January 2018 that Grindr enjoys totally immunity from any liability for the harms suffered by Matthew Herrick, a gay Manhattanite whose ex-boyfriend created fake Grindr profiles in Herrick’s name that led more than a thousand people to contact Herrick at home and … <Read More>

Federal Court Denies Preliminary Relief to Gay Victim of Revenge Listings on Grindr


A federal judge in Manhattan has denied a gay man’s request to extend a temporary restraining order that had been issued against Grindr, a web-based gay dating app, by a state trial court on the plaintiff’s behalf before the defendant removed the case to federal court.  Herrick v. Grindr, LLC, 2017 WL 744605 (S.D.N.Y., Feb. 24, 2017). 

Matthew Herrick claims that a “former love interest, known as JC, has impersonated him on Grindr by <Read More>

Grindr Not Liable for Hook-up with Underage User

A gay man’s attempt to hold Grindr responsible for his arrest and prosecution for sex with a minor was cut short on March 13 when U.S. District Judge Jerome B. Simandle in New Jersey ruled that the provider of an “interactive computer service” enjoys statutory immunity from liability for harm resulting from the content posted to its service by third parties.  Saponaro v. Grindr, LLC, 2015 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 30795.

Because Judge Simandle was ruling … <Read More>