Federal Judge Voids Tampa Ban on Conversion Therapy

U.S. District Judge William F. Jung ruled on October 4 in Vazzo v. City of Tampa, 2019 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 172734, 2019 WL 4919302 (M.D. Fla.), that the state of Florida’s pervasive regulation of professional health care deprives the city of Tampa from the authority to impose sanctions on licensed health care workers who perform “conversion therapy” on minors.

Jung’s ruling was a startling departure from the way most courts have responded to challenges against … <Read More>

Florida Courts Disagree About Whether Sexual Intercourse Can Occur Without a Vagina

Is gay sex “sexual intercourse”?  I’m trying to be polite here, so I’ll speak clinically.  When a man takes another man’s penis in his mouth, or inserts his penis into another man’s anus, are they having “sexual intercourse”?  In Florida — and many other states — this remains a serious question of criminal law, even after Lawrence v. Texas decriminalized consensual gay sex, because Florida has a statute making it a crime for somebody who … <Read More>