Obscure Brooklyn Appellate Ruling Protects Transgender People from Discrimination Without Saying So

Talk about “hiding the ball!” On June 6, a unanimous four-judge panel of the New York Appellate Division, 2nd Department, based in Brooklyn, confirmed an Order by the State Division of Human Rights (SDHR), which had adopted a decision by an agency administrative law judge (ALJ) ruling that a Port Jervis employer violated the human rights law when it discharged a transgender employee.

But nobody reading the court’s short memorandum opinion, or the short … <Read More>

New York Appellate Division Rebuffs Syracuse D.A. on Felony Charges in HIV Exposure Case

A unanimous five-judge panel of the New York Appellate Division, 4th Department, has rejected an argument by the office of Syracuse District Attorney William Fitzpatrick that an HIV-positive man should face felony charges carrying a mandatory minimum prison term for exposing another person to HIV by failing to disclose his infection before engaging in unprotected sex.  The court approved a decision by Onondaga County Supreme Court Justice John J. Brunetti to reduce the charge to … <Read More>

Another Chapter in the Ranftle Estate Saga Unfolds

 A panel of the New York Appellate Division (1st Department) on July 2 affirmed the New York County Surrogate Court’s ruling that H. Kenneth Ranftle, decedent, had change his state of domicile from Florida to New York prior to his death, rejecting the argument by one of Ranftle’s brothers that the New York court lacked jurisdiction over the estate’s personal property.  One judge dissented, asserting that Ranftle’s husband, the executor and proponent of the will, … <Read More>